Cornflower Garden

A simple application created in Processing for Computer Generated Art course in fall 2012.

Each flower has four levels of branches and each level is defined by seven parameters. Users can browse through related flowers which differ in some parameters and find flowers which they like more. This work was inspired by the CA00 video made by Raven Kwok.

This application was made as a response to an ugly trend which plagues this course. Most of the apps have such a terrible user interface that sometimes I can't even get them to render even one picture. Dozens of parameters to be set via clunky sliders and checkboxes, they are unfriendly and hostile. I decided to go the opposite way and leave out all of those components. Instead, users start with a flower they like at least a little bit and the application offers them similar flowers to choose from. Just by choosing what is appealing, users progress to flowers they like more. As opposed to other apps where the user sets the values of parameters explicitly, my app is based on "wandering", where the user does not know what exactly are they looking for – it's like going to the city without a map and finding incredible places one would never found otherwise.


Main menu


Flower with related flowers


Export screen