The Curious Cabinet

I helped Romy Singh with her interactive installation, a cabinet with several containers, each hiding a sound inside. Exhibition took place June 25-28, 2014.

This installation is based on photoresistors, Arduino Mega and Pure Data patch. There was a photoresistor hidden in each container. These were connected to analog inputs of Arduino Mega which was glued to the bottom of the cabinet. We could not use standard Arduino, because we needed more analog inputs than it could provide. Light intensities from resistors were transferred to a computer via serial port. Pure Data patch was receiving the data and smoothly adjusting volumes of sound tracks.

The volume of the corresponding sounds changed smoothly as the visitors were opening the containers. The transition was smooth and we did not limit the number of objects which can be open at the same time. This allowed richer interaction and allowed visitors to mix the sounds together at different volumes, making a unique soundscape of their own.